Health Measures

Fly Safely with Pallem Jets

Preventing Covid-19

At Pallem Jets we are committed to providing you both a safe and enjoyable flight. That is why in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have implemented a host of safety measures to protect you and your family when you fly with us.

Health Screening

All passengers are required to submit a Health Declaration Form showing that they have tested negative for Covid-19. Additionally, passengers will also be scanned via an infrared thermometer before boarding the plane.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is stocked on all our planes. Additionally, free seating on our Premier World Connector flights allows the customer to distance themselves appropriately from other passengers.


Protocol and the handling of personal and food items have been adjusted to be compliant with new safety standards, thus minimizing contact and interaction. Additionally, when boarding, passengers can let us know their preferred level of interactivity - for those that prefer to remain as distant as possible, our crew will only approach you when called for. 


All crews are tested before flights to ensure that they are Covid free. Moreover, they will be wearing PPE throughout the flight and observing social distancing measures to minimize unnecessary contact. In addition to this, crews are now required to take leave if they are feeling unwell, whereby a substitute, tested crew member will be introduced to carry out their services.

Aircraft cleanliness

Our planes are deep-cleaned after every flight, with contact areas such as seats, toilets, tables, bars, and utensils heavily sanitized with industry-approved disinfecting agents. In addition to this, all our planes are defogged post-flight to ensure thorough cleansing. We will also be notified of any planes that might have carried a covid-19 passenger, at which point Pallem Jets will immediately take the aircraft out of service to undergo a deep industrial cleaning.